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Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel. We're a chorus that sings Vocaloid songs and sometimes anime songs.
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 If you pass an audition

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PostSubject: If you pass an audition   Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:53 am

If You Pass an Audition:

If you do pass an audition, you will be sent a message.

Can I add effects to my vocals?
Please do not add any effects. Your vocals must be sent unedited.

How do I send my vocals?
We do not want anything but your voice. There is to be no background music. You may send your audio as a wav, aud, or mp3 file. If the file ends up being too big, then you are also allowed to send it as a zip file.
If there are any parts that overlap, please separate them. This includes harmonies.
You are also expected to name your files like this:
[ Title of Song ] [ Username ] [ Part Type ]
For Example: [ Hello/How Are You? ] [ Ryoko ] [ Main.wav ]; [ Hello/How Are You? ] [ Ryoko ] [ Harmonies.wav ]

What else do I need to send?
You must send a picture you want to use to represent yourself, and you must also send the name you wish to use.
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If you pass an audition
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